Visit on the Lérins Islands

You can reach the islands by ferry boat from Cannes. Excursions also leave from Antibes, Golfe-Juan, La Napoule and Nice. No cars are allowed on the islands, they are pedestrian only.

Ile Sainte Marguerite is the larger one and it is covered by a lovely pine and eucalyptus forest, that provide shade in  summer time. A wide range of paths cross the entire island. At the harbour, you will find cafés and restaurants. A short walk leads to the Fort Royal where the Man in the Iron Mask was incarcerated. During your tour, you will discover that the Royal Fort was used as a prison. The Man in the Iron mask, who’s identity is still unknown, was held prisoner in the Royal Fort and in a number of other French prisons from around 1670 until 1703, when he finally died.  The fortress also contains a youth hostel and a museum of the sea, exhibiting Mediterranean sea life and relics from an ancient Roman shipwreck and a sunken Saracen vessel from the 10th century.

Ile Saint Honorat is the smaller of the two islands. A small walk takes you to the Cisterian abbey, still active and guarded by the monks, where you can buy locally produced products in the gift shop.

The lagoon between the islands is a shallow and protected passage and a  popular anchor point for sailing boats, yachts and motor boats. In summer time, a sound-and-light show presents the history of the islands.